I can’t believe that I haven’t updated since the house looked like this:

Because now it looks like this:

Things are moving so quickly and our project manager even said that we could be moving in as early as late July! We were originally scheduled for August/September so this is a great jump.

So far we’ve had the HVAC and plumbing installed:

Bathtub is in! (The master bedroom soaker tub won’t be coming in til later in the process to prevent damage). You can see the bench for the master bedroom shower and the tub will be right next to it.

The fireplace is being installed:

The garage and porch concrete has been poured:

And our covered porch has been built!

Apparently, this is the slowest part which I have a hard time believing since there seems to be so much progress every single day.

Windows should be added soon as well as the roof and siding. It’ll be torture to have the exterior finished while the inside is still being worked on!

And, we finally signed off on our kitchen! So our cabinets should be installed in the next month or so!

If we’ve only got 3 more months in our apartment, we need to start packing soon!



A crazy week at work means that I had little to no time to run over to the lot to see any changes that were made to our house. Imagine my surprise when Brygham and I visit Friday afternoon to see this!

Our first floor is done! We spoke briefly with our project manager and he said that the second floor should be completed by THIS Friday!

It was a surreal experience to be walking in our “house”. I always say to myself: Now it feels real. But this time it felt super real to see everything laid out. It’s hilarious how small the house seemed when it was simply an outline on the ground and now how big it seems without the drywall.

A lot is going to be happening here shortly both with the house and in our lives. Brygham is finishing up his contract in the Marine Corps and will be living at our apartment full time starting early June. Currently, he lives two hours away from where I live due to where he is stationed.

This will actually be our first time living together in over a year. He was deployed this time last year when I moved to where we live now for my job. We’re both very excited to start our lives with us both being civilians.

And of course, we took plenty of pictures of the house:

The front of the house highlighting the porch. The big front window will be my craft room for all the house projects.

The view from the front door. The first room is the dining room and the room beyond that is the living room.

Living room with fireplace!

The kitchen directly opposite the living room! The wall we’re looking at will house the range and the farmhouse sink will be on the wall to the right (not pictured).

We have a builders meeting scheduled on Monday to go over some finer details as they finish some of the bigger stuff.

Here’s hoping for sunny weather!

House Design: Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I don’t know how I ever thought building was a good idea – I have the patience of my dog at dinner time.

Stop taking pictures and feed me

Aka: None.

I console myself with this seemingly endless waiting by imagining the finished house. We are scheduled to be moving in August/September time frame which is wonderful because my favorite time to decorate is Fall/Christmas.

I’ve been using the Houzz app to start trading ideas with Brygham and I thought I would show all of you! I think I might be most excited about the kitchen and dining room (or the master bedroom, or the craft room or……) so we’ll start with that.

Please pardon the giant plant, but this picture was taken in the model house from just outside the kitchen and is meant to give you an idea of what our living layout will look like. We (Brygham) are actually going to be adding the built ins after the fact since the builder wanted way too much money if they did it. No thanks.

Eventually, we’re also going to add stacked stone to the fireplace, so we are foregoing the niches in the fireplace as shown above.

I’m lucky that my husband and I have very similar tastes and we both love the modern farmhouse look.

This is the general idea of what we’re aiming for. We’ve actually already purchased two leather couches that we are having shipped later on. They will be positioned like the model above, facing each other. We chose leather for aesthetics and also because we have messy pets with claws and my choices were essentially leather or microfiber.

Brygham is working on the end tables right now and they will be stained wood on the top with white paint everywhere else. He is also going to build the coffee table for us with a similar color scheme.

The pictures shown in the design I actually already own. I’m in love with the style of the artist and have a gallery wall of his paintings in the dining room of our apartment. We’re going to again have a gallery wall on the wall opposite the couch shown above. I also have a clock that’s very similar to the one in the picture that will be added in with the gallery wall.

We’ve seen a few rugs that we love at IKEA and the ladder shown will house my blanket collection.

I am just learning to sew and plan on making all of the curtains and pillows to fit the house. Wish me luck on that one!

House Building Progress Pictures

It’s amazing how quickly things happen once permitting has approved. We only broke ground last week. Yet already so much has happened!

Of course, we had to start things off with a little fun “breaking ground” ourselves 🙂

So far we’ve dug the footings:

And poured concrete

The crawl space has been started

And completed!

That front bump-out is actually our front porch!

Framing will begin tomorrow (4/2). The seventh will officially be 2 months from our signing date and we were told that our house will take 6 months.

Fingers crossed we’re moving in August!

Zoning the Kitchen

Designing our new kitchen definitely took the most time, thought and effort out of all the rooms in our home. I knew I would be spending a lot of time in here and you don’t get many chances to build your kitchen from scratch.

When I started the process, I decided that it would be very helpful to create zones for the kitchen. Below is a picture of the layout of our kitchen:

As you can see, we extended the island and added two cabinets for more storage. We will have a drawer microwave in the island and also added a lazy Susan to the right corner of the cabinets

I see four main uses for a kitchen:

  • Cleaning/Putting Away: pretty self explanatory- this area is our sink area. To make things easier for myself, the cabinets nearby will have our plates, bowls and utensils. Our pots and pans will also be nearby, in the island and to the left of the range. Cups will actually be housed to the left of the refrigerator for easy access to water.
  • Prepping- prep will be done on the island as it will be easy to simply turn around and start cooking on the stove. As soon as we move in we are planning on installing the trash can pull out in the cabinets to the left of the range, allowing easy access from the sink as well as the island.
  • Cooking- we love this kitchen layout because it has two large areas on the left and right side of the range. Uncooked food can be on the left side of the range and once cooking is done, prepared food can easily be housed to the right of the range. This was key in my kitchen as currently, there is absolutely no space by our stove in our apartment. Due to this, we don’t cook near as much as we should because it’s so inconvenient and crammed.
  • Storing food- all of our Tupperware will be housed in the bottom cabinets to the left of the fridge. This allows for easy access while storing leftovers.

Once the kitchen is finished, I’m excited to be able to show you how our plans work in real life!

I hope this helped with deciding on how to make sure your kitchen has a good “flow”! Is there anything you would add when zoning your kitchen?

Picking Our Floorplan

When my husband and I decided that we definitely wanted to build our home, we must have looked at hundreds of floor plans. We had very clear ideas of what we wanted and we simply couldn’t find The One.

These were our stipulations for the home:

  • Four Bedrooms – what do newlyweds need with four bedrooms? I hate moving and only want to do it once in the next ten years. So we wanted a larger house that we can grow into
  • Not-so-open Concept – Most homes now have just one large room for the living and dining room and the kitchen. I can definitely see the appeal, but we like a home to be a little more defined. Now our downstairs is definitely open, but there is a tiny bit of separation between the living room and kitchen that we love and the dining room is separated as well.
  • Gorgeous kitchen – Need I say more?
  • Christmas tree window – this probably sounds strange, but it was important to me that our Christmas tree be visible from the street. Technically the Christmas tree will be going in the craft room and will kind of be in the way, but our tree will be visible from the street, dang it.
  • Stairs not at entry way – almost every house we saw had stairs right when you entered the home. I’m not a fan of this, so some plans were immediately thrown out because of this tiny detail. The picture below is from the model and we absolutely love the staircase placement.Picture is from the model home. I love the staircase

Those were the biggies and I’m happy to say that after what seems like endless searching, we finally found it!

Our home has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a separate office/craft room for me and an entire unfinished third floor. This is what sold my husband on the home to be honest.

One tip I would give to people searching for their perfect floor plan is to ask questions. I asked questions from the sellers agent, my agent, the lender, the design center and the project manager. I don’t hesitate in asking questions because it ensures that everyone is on the same page. If you don’t like the door placement, see if it can be changed!

Some builders will not make changes-it’s just not in their interest to customize every home because they build the homes so fast. We were actually under contract for an already standing new construction home that eventually fell through, but we were considering building through that builder. What stopped us was the fact that they were very unwilling to make changes that we considered very small. We didn’t want to knock down walls, we just wanted to change a few things inside the house and they weren’t wanting to do that. This is why we chose the builder that we did.

There were really only two changes that we did to our actual floor plan.

One, we got rid of one of the two French doors in the craft room. It was obviously intended to be an office, but we don’t really need that in the long run and the room is already pretty small. I wanted as much wall space as we could get, so we took out one door.

Two, there was originally a storage space underneath the stairs that had access to the storage from the garage. We took this out because it was exactly where we want to have Brygham’s workbench for his wood working. Some might think we’re crazy for removing storage, but we have other storage plans for the garage.

If you’re looking for your perfect floor plan, please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Ground Breaking Update

Pardon the pun, but how many times can I use it besides this one because


We were slightly delayed due to rain, but our lot is officially being worked on. My husband, Brygham and I had a meeting with the project manager for our house and we feel so great about the process. We weren’t nervous, but knowing that we are in such capable hands takes so much worry away. He brought up questions that I had before I even had a change to ask.

Our house is on a crawl space, so they had to dig the footings and then pour the concrete for the crawl. We still have an estimated move-in of late August, which is perfect timing.

I thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea of the general style of our house as well. We were lucky enough to be able to pick all of the finishes on our home and Brygham and I are both huge fans of the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

For the kitchen, we stayed mostly modern with white quartz and a subway tile backsplash. We feel that the light gray cabinets really break up the white and will make the space feel warmer. We went back and forth on the grout color, Brygham really loved the idea of a gray grout but ultimately we decided on just a plain white grout.

The whole downstairs will be the beautiful dark hardwoods except the laundry room and the craft room so we thought the light accents in the kitchen would be a great addition.

The bathroom will have darker cabinets with the gorgeous “hardwood” tile. The lighter tile at the bottom will be the master bathroom shower.

And this is the outside of our house! We’re doing a completely blue house with black shutters, white trim and a bright red door.

We are so excited to be finally starting! Plenty of more pictures to come throughout the process – and thank you for joining me for it!