Moving is Exhausting

My husband likes to say that he loves moving. I think he's nuts because moving is terrible. Doubly so because we moved in the middle of August in North Carolina. We packed up our apartment on Sunday, August 12th. I'll spare you of any pictures of this because 1. I didn't take any and 2. … Continue reading Moving is Exhausting

All Spruced Up

Work has been insane lately (for both of us, as Brygham started his new job on Monday!) so I could barely wait to get to the house today. It had its final (not final) cleaning, and I must say it cleans up quite nicely. They stained our banister, and I am so in love. And … Continue reading All Spruced Up

Considerations When Purchasing Appliances – Stove and Microwave

When choosing a stove, my main concern was that I wanted a gas stove. Luckily, our neighborhood automatically comes with gas stoves, so my problems really should have been solved there. And they would have been if I had not wanted a pot filler. One simple pot filler essentially caused my upgrade budget to skyrocket. … Continue reading Considerations When Purchasing Appliances – Stove and Microwave